Baby Wipes are one of the essentials, a mother needs just right from her baby’s birth and their selection is equally vital. It could prove more challenging for not experienced or debutant mothers, as baby’s skin is most delicate & sensitive.

But Hey …. Lean back and set your mind on rest. Henceforth, leave everything on us (Cool & Cool). We are here to make your motherhood journey pleasant.

Below are the nitty gritty you need to acknowledge while selecting the cleansing & sanitizing wipes for your baby.

  1. Decide whether you prefer disposable or reusable wipes.
  2. Read ingredient lists and select disposable wipes that are free of alcohol and ph skin neutral
  3. Look for wipes that are labeled “thick” if you prefer a more substantial wipe.
  4. Choose specific types of packaging if it is important to you.
  5. Compare sizes and determine which quantity will offer the most value or convenience.
  6. Read Expiry Date on Simply Right Baby Wipes.

Brand Cool & Cool has one stop solution for all the above concern. At least to clear the dilemma of baby wipes selection.

New Born Baby WipesSensitive Plus Baby WipesBaby Wipes for Delicate Skin
Best for 0-6 month old BabyBest for 0-3 Year old BabyBest for 0-3 Year old Baby
Alcohol free, Ph skin NeutralAlcohol free, Ph skin NeutralAlcohol free, Ph skin Neutral
Swiss Moisturizing formulaSwiss Moisturizing formulaUltra-Sift & Gentle
Bigger and Thick (60 gsm thickness)Bigger and Thick (60 gsm thickness)Bigger and Thick (60 gsm thickness)

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