Heath & Beauty

What about the cleanliness of mother which is also an important factor for the nourishment of the infant?

Baby care does not begin with the birth of a child; it begins with its conception. The mother should take showers on a daily basis and take good care of her and the baby.
A few preventive actions every mother should take include, a healthy meal after every two-hour break with hands washed with cool & cool anti-bacterial soap before and after, which prevents her from severe germs and bacteria which can affect baby’s nourishment in the womb.
The Baby’s immune system is very sensitive and germs can be easily prevailed to the child by even a single touch so make sure you keep your child away from the people who suffer from nausea, fever, sinus problem and the related. Even lots of mothers today, can use cool & cool hand sanitizer for the prevention of germs which keeps their baby healthy and happy. Also, use the Cool & Cool baby wipes that are alcohol free and which keep the baby’s delicate skin Ultra soft and gentle. It delicately kills the germs by its smoother affect and also protects the sensitive skin from turning black and dry. Even severe rashes can be dealt with a regular use of rash cream that makes baby skin soft, supple and free of germs.

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